Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today we did not have to go looking for the geese. Look who was peeking in our window this morning!
We've had a busy graduation weekend, so as soon as we are all caught up on sleep and cleaning we'll be back with more posts.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today being another warm sunshiny day, Pookie and I went out for a walk in search of the baby geese. Pookie just loves to wave and talk to the baby geese, but sadly we could not find them on our walk today. We tried to just sit and enjoy the sunshine and the pond, but the grass was still to damp from last nights rain and soggy shorts are just no fun, so back inside we came.
Pookie and I are working on the spring cleaning. While vacuuming the floor and cleaning the bathroom should have been top priority, after looking at this Pookie and I decided to re-fold the entire linen closet instead. My fitted sheets look amazing!! infact the whole closet looks great now, but I'm not sure it makes the apartment any more noticeably cleaner. I guess Pookie and I will still have to pull out the vacuum and wash cloths...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

After a long, long, delay in posting--I'm finally back! Spring is here and there is lots and lots for Pookie and I to do. The weather being so nice and sunny Pookie and I just wanted to sit in the sun and enjoy being warm and toasty, but alas we have no blanket to sit on and have had to use a bed sheet instead. And so it is time for a picnic blanket! For the first time ever I bought fabric online and they are so cute! This is my absolute favorite that I bought (mine is in green though, but I don't see that listed anymore.) Since the fabric's arrival I have been busy busy busy ironing and cutting. I now have a nice stack of squares, two more prints left to cut, and a whole lot of white cotton to deal with. As soon as I have something stitched together a picture will be posted.

Pookie and I have also been busy running here and there picking out plants for our container garden and for our little plot of shady shady dirt. We both appear to have allergies though and so our flower search has been accompanied by much, much sneezing! The little collection of flowers we have going on now is rather nice, but I can never make up my mind where I want each plant. So here is a little picture of Pookie's and my patio oasis (ignore the gardening mess in the background we'll be cleaning that up tomorrow).