Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Up, up, and away

We get inundated with newspapers here.  Normally they go straight to the recycling bin (after removing the crossword of course), but lately I've been letting them pile up.  The newspaper is for wrapping household items in (I'm boxing stuff up, we're moving...again, same assignment, new house), but I thought it might be fun to use some for a papier-mache project.
It was the kind of art project I thought the girls would enjoy, but no.  Several minutes into the process they began complaining about how horrible sticky hands were and sweetly suggested that I might like to finish the project for them.  *sigh* I thought kids liked getting dirty?  Dirty, but not sticky perhaps?
The painting, glittering, and decorating that followed, they loved.

And now the girls finally have their hot air baloon.  It's just large enough to give their "wee people" a new view of the bedroom.