Monday, February 26, 2007

I spent a good part of yesterday shoveling snow. No, we hadn't had any new snow to shovel, rather I was shoveling old snow from off the lawn and into a bucket. I was doing this because my husband and I were making a snow castle for the girls.
Originally we had planned on a simple igloo, but somehow those large snowy bricks we were making just begged to be a part of something more grandiose--a castle was just the thing!
And what an amazing castle it is turning out to be! Work continued on the castle today and it is now several bricks high and has a lovely arched doorway (all thanks to my husband). I can't wait untill tomorrow so we can work more on it. Even incomplete though, the girls love their new, white, snowy, luxiourious, winter home!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

He was just standing there...
looking awfully sad...
it had been two weeks and he still didn't have any wings or tail feathers.
Sorry little fella...

I didn't forget about you! All better now?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Fat Tuesday! We ate chocolate cupcakes!
Goodbye chocolate...see you in forty days.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A little late but, Happy Valentine's Day! We had a very white Valentine's Day here--at long last we have had our first real snow storm of the winter! It was a very fun day with lots of snow, lots of wind, and lots of chocolate to munch on while gazing out on the storm.

And there was more than just chocolate exchanged! I really love indoor plants, especially during the winter, so I was thrilled that my super sweet husband bought me a mini rose bush for Valentine's Day. I had a rose bush, once upon a time, that I managed to keep alive for a year...this time I'm hoping I can do better than that. I'm doing my research (because they seem to be such awfully fickle plants), so we'll see!

The girls also got some roses for Valentines--felt roses, made into crowns.
Pookies crown was all in shades of pink

And Fig's was all white

(I think it looks more like Gardenias than roses, but that's okay.)
To make the flowers I modified the flower brooch pattern in Adorn Magazine just a bit. The girls look so cute in them--I'm just thrilled with how they came out! I'm now thinking of making a garland to hang in the girls room. Flowers with...maybe that bird mobile I've been meaning to do... Now wouldn't that be a springy room!

Monday, February 12, 2007

My tomato pincushion has...died.
After the pincushion swallowed yet another one of my beading needles, I decided I'd had enough and sliced the whole thing open. Inside...lot's of sawdust and lot's of needles.
Look at all those needles! I expected to find two or three, definetly not...oh about seventeen! Wow, I now have so many needles to work with--guess I won't be needing to buy more afterall!
Now what should I make my new pincushion look like...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just finished up this little lady today--a Valentines inspired bird. She's carrying a satchel with a little pink glitter heart inside. (She's standing on some of my mother's vintage linen--isn't it lovely!?)
I have one other bird, a green one, in the works and then I think I'll head back to my sewing.
I've been slowly--and I mean sloooowly--cutting out the pieces for my Vintage Vogue evening gown pattern and I'm very anxious to start sewing it together. It's been awhile since I've sewn something and I'm really looking forward to getting back behind my machine and stitching away! Hopefully tomorrow...!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I really think that if I had tried to do something hundred times...and still couldn't do it, I would give up. Thank goodness babies don't give up as easily as I would!
Fig, after hundreds of failed attempts, has finally managed to move herself forward in a crawl-like fashion and you can't imagine how happy it makes her!
She smiles, laughs, and wriggles with excitement everytime she moves an inch. It makes me happy and excited too--there is nothing like watching your child succeed at something they've worked so hard for!
Everytime I see her move I'm reminded not to give up...even if it's my hundreth try! Keep it up Fig, pretty soon you'll be running!