Monday, June 09, 2008

From cool and rainy to hot and sunny. And I do mean hot. It's almost a hundred degrees here. Swimsuits, garden hose, and some homemade orange juice popsicles (you gotta love those right?), all helping to keep us cool.
And keeping me happy? These newly acquired dinnerplate dahlias for the garden.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's raining out, which is really just fine with me. Fig and I are slowly recovering from a stomach flu and a rainy day is the perfect kind of day to spend lying around indulging in a bit of self pity and a whole lot of stomach soothing crackers. The recovery process wouldn't be nearly so tolerable on a lovely sunny day, so I'll take the can even go on for a couple more days if it likes, I won't complain!
Poor Pookie is not sick though and has had endure a whole lot of "boringness" around here, which is obviously beginning to wear on her. So to make today just a bit more exciting for her, I pulled out the art supplies and came up with something Pookie would enjoy, but that Fig and I could participate in without expending too much energy.
Construction paper, markers, glue and scissors--perfect! For Fig I cut out all the shapes and put the glue on them for her, but she placed them where she wanted and used her makers to color around them. Once again she practiced her colors, holding up a piece and stating that it was green or asking if it was purple.
Pookie used pieces that I cut out (and learned a bit more about squares, triangles, and circles), but really enjoyed cutting out her own. She loves being a "big girl" and being able to use the scissors and glue without any help from me. In fact she was so absorbed in cutting and gluing by herself that she worked for nearly an hour at her artwork. It's exciting to watch her ability to create independently grow more and more every day.

And, of course, when they were all done up the artwork went on the refrigerator. Now we have a very colorful kitchen indeed!