Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today Pookie and I got up, got ready, and had some breakfast while watching Martha on TV. Today's Martha was boring--it was on weddings so there was really no cooking or crafting which is the reason we tuned in. So sadly we had to resort to yesterday's Martha show for some inspiration for today's project. Yesterday's inspiration--brownies!
The brownies made yesterday looked oh so good that after an midday nap Pookie and I pulled out the Valentines Martha mag and pulled out the recipe for the brownies. We melted the choclate, butter, and cocoa in our self-designed double boiler system and then had a moment of panic when we realized the baking powder was MIA. After pulling out half the contents of the cupboard we FINALLY found the baking powder (and we checked three times to make sure it was powder not soda because that is a very bad mistake to make) and could thankfully continue with our cooking. We mixed all the ingredients together and Mmmm did that brownie batter smell good! I'm sure Pookie wanted some--I know I did! but raw eggs are bad for little growing Fig so I had to resist the urge (which is so hard when you inadvertantley end up with a big glob of batter on your finger!)
I surfed the net while the brownies baked (and ooh mommy wants a little Octavius for Pookie!) while Pookie perfected her raspberry sounds and high pitch squeals. Then we whipped some cream--threw it on top of our not quite cooled brownies and ate ate ate!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today Pookie and I made crepes. Well...I made crepes and Pookie provided the soundtrack for crepe making (best described as the sounds of a steaming tea kettle.) We got the recipe here. A very easy recipe seeing as I could mix it all together while holding Pookie to watch. We filled the crepes with raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries and sprinkled them with confectionares sugar. The crepes were super delicious, but the fruit was only so-so. It's not the season for those fruits I guess, they were either super tart or blah bland. Pookie and I were happy with the end result though and will definetly make them again--they were very pretty, take a look!
After it was time for Pookie and I to dance to some zydeco and mariachi music (Pookie is a very good dancer!) What a fun day!