Friday, January 25, 2008

I've been thinking about these cinnamon rolls ever since I saw them on her blog. Now, six months later, I finally got around to making them...with a little help of course.
And that help meant that, when we were done, the table looked something like this (lots and lots of sugar/cinnamon everywhere) ...and the floor looked something like that as well. But it was well worth it!
"The girls are learning," I kept reminding myself every time I found my feet covered in sticky sugar and as I scrubbed dough off the table, chairs, floor, door frames, refrigerator, etc., etc. And with that in mind I kept working at smilingly accepting the "learning mess."
Oh and the cinnamon rolls, yes they turned out delicious! I was going to take a lovely picture of my tasty cinnamon roll beside my steaming hot mug of coffee, but by the time I got around to grabbing my camera...
this was all that was left. Sorry. But you can take my word for it that they are both lovely to look at, tasty to eat, and well worth the effort (I had to mix it all by hand!) I will definitely, definitely be making these again.
And maybe next time...I'll get a picture.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm back and this time permanently (at least I hope so.) Yes, our sojourn in the south is over and we are now happily home in snowy white New England. And oh does it feel good to be back!
We're slowly getting settled into our home. There are still a few too many boxes to be unpacked (and a few that need to be packed back up), some furniture that still needs to be purchased, and a whole lot of decorating to do, but we're getting there.
I could spend all day unpacking and cleaning, but thankfully I have two little people here who keep reminding me that little girls need lots of fresh air and room to run if they're going to grow up happy and healthy. So I stop unpacking/put down the broom/leave the dirty dishes in the sink, step outside, and suddenly remember how much fun winter can be...
How fun it is to stomp, slide, and jump in the snow...
What eating snow for the first time is like...
And how nice it is to just sit still and take in the quiet, white, beauty of it all.
Ahh, yes it's good to be back!