Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ice Cream

I haven't used the ice cream maker in years.  I think I may have even forgotten it existed.  It required quite a bit of dusting off and needed a few cobwebs removed as well, before it was ready for use.

I whipped up an old favorite, raspberry chocolate chip.  The kids were amazed--they couldn't believe how easy it was to make your own and they couldn't believe how good it tasted.
We spent the rest of the evening discussing all the possible flavors we could make next.
No more cobwebs for you little machine!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ups and Downs

This spring weather has been a lot like a roller coaster ride. We race up to eighty-five degrees, sunny, and humid and then rapidly plummet down to forty-five degrees, cloudy, and windy. One day it's swimsuits and sprinklers, the next it's jackets and mittens. Almost all of the flowers are in full bloom, but the threat of a frost still lingers in the forecast.
Our life, over the last few weeks, has greatly resembled the weather. All kinds of ups and downs. Ups--Pookie's first communion, visits from family, an exciting new assignment (moving this summer!) and downs--stomach flu for everyone, one case of the seasonal flu, and one broken arm.
But summer, with its constant (and often monotonous) hot and sunny days, is just around the corner. And I expect that our days, much like the weather, will also stop fluctuating so drastically and will quickly return to normal. I'm ready for a little peace (and even a bit of monotony maybe) before the big move!