Friday, April 11, 2008

We had a brief preview of summer here, so we've spent most of the week outdoors. Our summery weather went out on a high note yesterday with a sunny, lightly breezy day somewhere in the seventies. So pleasant!
We managed to spend almost all day outdoors. I spent the day working on the portion of our lawn we're going to devote to gardening, Fig busied herself "planting" rock "seeds" in the freshly overturned soil, and Pookie was engrossed in searching for worms, lining them up, and putting them "to sleep" (patting a little bit of soil over their lower half to serve as a blanket.) We finished our day slightly pink (from all that sun), thoroughly dirty, and contentedly full after a dinner of hotdogs cooked on the grill.
Now we're back to our typical overcast, damp, drizzly, and cool early spring weather.
But that brief warm weather was enough to get me busy scouring the seed/plant catalogues and dreaming of our summer garden.

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