Thursday, October 08, 2009

Costume Progress

With Halloween just a few weeks away I sat down and had a talk with the girls about what they wanted to dress up as this year.
"Princesses!" they excitedly told me.
"But you were princesses last year," I pointed out, somewhat disappointed.
"Yeah, we like princesses!" they informed me.
So we talked for awhile about other possibilities and after lots of discussion the kids finally settled on "Butterfly-Princess-Fairy!" which, I suppose, is a little bit different than just a princess...
So, here is Fig in her partially finished "Butterfly-Princess-Fairy" costume.
She's pretty easy to please when it comes to dresses--so long as it is girly/princess-y enough she will wear it. She loves this dress and has spent quite a lot of time showing us how well it twirls and how great the ruffles look when you bounce through the air. I'm thrilled that she's happy with it!
A few more details to add here and there and then I will have one out of three costumes complete. Phew!


Anna said...

I love love love this! How did you layer the skirt? Do all those layers go all the way up to the waist?

Pookie and Fig said...

Thanks so much! No, the layers do not go all the way up to the waist. I made a dress and then cut random sized strips of fabric, gathered them, and stitched them on the skirt wherever I thought they would look best. It's a fun and easy look!