Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cupcake anyone?

I know, back to back posts featuring sugary goodness! However, these came in the mail today--or rather, the means of making these cupcakes came today. A little advent surprise package from my parents arrived full of all kinds of goodies including cupcake mix, icing, and sprinkles. Upon discovery of such goodies, a non-stop chorus of "Mommy can we!" and "Mommy puh-leeze!" immediately ensued.
After much discussion, I agreed that the cupcakes could be mixed, baked, iced, decorated, and consumed today if I had help cleaning the playroom up.
The playroom is now clean. The bathroom is also clean. Even the dining room floor is clean.
The cupcakes? They were delicious.
We just might have to make cupcakes more often!

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