Tuesday, February 02, 2010

An Introduction

I know, I've been missing from this space again.  But this time I have a good explanation from my absence.  See I've been rather stuck in the dining room/kitchen/outdoors with this little guy.
Jasper.  The newest addition to the family.  He's brought a lot of joy, a lot of frustration, a lot of excitement and a little bit of calm to the family.  We're still in the process of potty-training, so I've been hanging out with him in the only non-carpeted rooms of the house, patiently (mostly) working with him.
But it's all good.  I've brought all my sewing supplies into the dining room and consequently I'm finally getting somewhere with some long overdue projects.
And that's where I am--sewing while attempting to decipher the difference between "I really want to go outside and play" and "I really need to use the bathroom."
We're getting there...


Jane said...

Oh he's adorable. I've been thinking what life would be like with a dog. Mmmm...with white floorboards throughout the house I could be spending more time with a mop!

Pookie and Fig said...

Oh yes, with white floors I wouldn't recommend it! He is shedding like crazy right now and the piles of black dog hair on the light colored floors is horrid looking! I have been vacuuming/sweeping/mopping several times a day and still can't seem to get the floor clean!