Friday, February 18, 2011

Nature Walks

It's been too nice to stay indoors much and so, we've happily welcomed "nature walks" back into our school days.  When lessons are over, the girls grab their pencils and sketchbooks, I get my camera and the water bottle, and we all head outdoors for a stroll.  This week we headed to the lake in search of something new and exciting for our nature journals.
Sadly, although it's been warm, it's still a bit too early for much of anything to be out--the wildflowers are just barely budding, the turtles are still residing at the bottom of the lake, and the bugs are practically nonexistent.  But, thankfully, the ducks were there.  They're certainly not new and I'm not sure they're very exciting, but the kids were thrilled to have something to draw.
Hopefully, we'll have better luck next week!

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