Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A few months back, I started a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  I needed to greatly reduce the amount of scraps spilling out of the craft closet and this seemed like the perfect quilt to use them up in.  I started full of gusto, but after finishing my fourth "flower" I quickly realized that the vast majority of my scraps were of only two colors--red and blue.  There were a few pinks and even fewer greens and just a handful of purples and  yellows...but that was it.  I could have made just a red and blue quilt, but I really wanted a full range of color.  The problem with more colors meant that I would have to buy new fabric in order to make a scrap quilt and that just seemed terribly, terribly wrong.  Unable to solve this little problem, I finally gave up and packed the project away for another time.
Just a little while ago, while browsing an antique store, I stumbled across a candy box full of little fabric hexagons, all ready to be made into flowers!  Of course I bought it and without any guilt!  I mean, yes, it is "new" fabric, but it feels okay, because I'm helping to finish someone's unfinished project and in the process I'm completing mine.
And besides, how could I really pass up those adorable vintage prints!


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I like it!

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