Saturday, July 01, 2006

More pictures of bunny as promised.
Bunny was created after some white cotton I was ironing was ruined by some black smudge on the iron. Rather than toss the ruined cotton I thought I'd try out making my own pattern and a make a little something for Pookie at the same time.
So first bunny was constructed out of paper, then cut out of fabric, sewn together, and dyed brown using coffee grounds and tea bags. Then we added a little white tail and belly and embroidered some eyes and a nose. And tah da! we have bunny. Pookie loves bunny! She crawls around the house with him, smooshing him into the carpet as she goes, and last week she had fun at church grabbing him by the ears and hurling him into the next pew (thankfully nobody minded.) So thinking up new ideas now...a puppy, maybe something more exotic like a giraffe....we will see.

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