Friday, January 05, 2007

There has been a lack of posts recently due to a sudden lack of sleep. During all the driving to and from family holiday parties the girls napped and, unfortunatley, were no longer quite so tired when bed time rolled around. Little girl tiredness wasn't kicking in until late in the evening and last night hit an all time late of 10:30!
Yes, there were busy little feet tearing up and down the hallway, into the kitchen and on to the living room until way too late at night! So needless to say, by the time baby eyes were asleep I was too tired for blogging.
However I think we are finally back on schedule! At 8:30 tonight my two little darlings were fast asleep.
We've recently started reading books to the girls at bed time. Pookie is in love with her books, reads them constantly, but has a tendency to be a little rough on them and so all the non board books have been tucked out of her reach. So at bedtime as a special treat we read one of the "delicate" books. Tonight we
read the delightful "Toot and Puddle: Charming Opal." It is absolutley adorable and highly recommended by both Pookie and myself (and I'm sure Fig would recommend it too if she hadn't slep through my reading of it.)
Anyway, I think it's early bed time for me as well, I have a lot of sleep to catch up on. It sure is nice to be back blogging though!

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Anonymous said...

oh the toot and puddle books are THE BEST! i the illustrations just make me swoon.