Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pookie is feeling just a tad bit better. She's not entirely happy about her stomach-pleasing, strict diet of juice and crackers, but it's working. I must say I will be glad when she can eat real food as well...if only because she keeps eating her crackers in my bed and now there are crumbs all throughout it. If you've ever slept in a bed with cracker crumbs you know how very unpleasant my last couple of nights have been... Anything to make you happy and healthy though little Pookie!

So with wellness on the way I did manage to get in a little crafting last night while the girls were fast asleep. I pulled the yellow body of a bird that had been in my "I'm still thinking what to do with this pile" and put together this little lady...

She's hiding among the similarly colored flowers. Now isn't that a bright and cheery sight?!

I haven't put any legs on her yet as I think she might look best on a perch of some kind. I've been begging, begging, begging my husband to try making a bird cage for me and don't you think she'd look just swell swinging away in one of those? Hmm, I think I will just have to beg some more!

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belle epoque said...

she's lovely! what a ray of sunshine in the grey winter weather.