Friday, March 09, 2007

I finally managed to finish up my very last entry for the Softie Awards.

A bright pink little lady with a May flower corsage and a lovely curly do.

They're not the greatest pictures, but they're the best I could do what with Fig attacking me, the camera, and the bird.
And now I'm off to the San Francisco area for the next week! We're going to go visit with my husband's family and it promises to be a lot of fun. And oh! I can't wait because after braving negative twelve degree weather yesterday....I'm looking forward to the seventy degree weather we're supposed to have in San Francisco! Yippee!


belle epoque said...

oh have fun while you're in my hometown! hope you enjoy some good weather while you're here-- e-mail me if you want any local crafty tips :)

Merci-Notes said...

Ok Ok, I love your bird. I just found you thru jenny at everyday is a Holiday. We both want to know if you are going to be SELLING your Birdies? I know you must be busy with Pookie, and I have yet to keep reading to see about "Fig". Hope your weekend is filled with more great memories!
With Kindness,

Pookie and Fig said...

Thank you so much! I am putting her in my shop on April 20th when I do my shop update! I'm so glad you like her!