Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fig's quilt pieced together perfectly. I was feeling quite happy with the whole project and was gleefully thinking to myself that I'd have it done in no time...but then it came time to add a border to it. The red polka-dot fabric I had been planning on using was the wrong shade red (too orange) and so I had to go out shopping for a different fabric to use.
On shopping expedition one I came up with nothing--everything was too modern, too new looking, too busy, or...just the wrong shade.
A week later there was shopping expedition two. I found the cutest flannel for the girls' winter pajamas...but nothing for Fig's quilt.
Shopping expedition three was planned for several days later and while I waited to shop I stared discontentedly at Fig's quilt. This is kind of how most projects go for me. I get just so far and then that perfect last element...can't find it. So the project sits and sits and sits while I think things over and keep searching.
But I was determined not to let that happen this time--I mean really, we're having cold nights now so perfect or not Fig needs that quilt! So on shopping expedition three I gave up on my "dream fabric" and settled for something. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't what I had envisioned, but it was going to work. And upon getting the fabric home...well I think it's going to be almost perfect after all! So soon, very soon, Fig will actually have a finished quilt!
And hopefully another almost perfect quilt will be in the works soon. Pookie will be moving into a big girl bed (still searching for the...umm...perfect bed) and will need a new twin sized quilt. She has already informed me multiple times that hers should be green. Yes, green--it's her new favorite color. For now though--well I think she can just share Fig's. Afterall...
...apparently nap time is just that much better when you can nap together.

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Sabine said...

Cute, like little kittens!