Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pookie is two. Old enough to remember what things were like last month and old enough to notice that things are different this month. What she notices the most right now? Leaves.

Pookie and I like to play color games. Kind of like "I spy" but easier for a toddler, I point and ask what color something is and she tells me or I ask her to show me something of a particular color and she points it out. Up until this point leaves have been green and something green is leaves. Not now...

Pookie brought me this leaf today. "Mama, Mama...color?? red???" She's just a tad bit confused as to why these leaves aren't green.

So we sit and talk about the seasons, but it's kind of a hard concept for a two year old. She has a book that shows a tree throughout the seasons and she's constantly bringing it to me asking me to explain it to her over and over again. The changing seasons, so very ordinary to me, are fascinating to her.

I love rediscovering the world through my children's eyes...

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