Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As my husband was gone on business, I spent last week at my parents house with the girls. What a delightful vacation--no cleaning, no cooking, and lots of babysitters! I had some fun shopping the local antique stores and brought home a bundle of goodies for the girls' room (pictures coming soon!)
When we arrived home I had a package waiting for me.
Now I've been dying to do something with the girls' bathroom for a long time, but being pregnant, painting has been out of the question. After browsing the internet for some time I finally came across Modern Wall Graphics and without much thought purchased these bird and branch decals to decorate the bathroom with.
For a whole week I fretted over whether I'd just wasted money on them. Would they look good? or cheap? or tacky? Well, upon opening the package I was immediatley "aww-ing" over them and was even more in love when I finally put them on the wall. It seriously looks like I painted these on--check them out!

They were breeze to put up, look great, and were a fast, easy, and economical way to decorate a small space. Now I'm looking at their site and contemplating what to do about the rest of the bathrooms in the house...!

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Nancy said...

oh those look FANTASTIC! i want some too!

and i've been so out of the loop that i missed your wonderful news-- CONGRATULATIONS on the new wee one you're expecting!