Friday, May 15, 2009

Cakes and cleaning

The husband has had to work late most of this week. The kids are always disappointed when Daddy won't be home before bed time, so I try and find something to make those evenings special for them. A movie, a tea party, or...
a cake. There was just enough sugar left in the house to whip up some buttercream frosting. Some crushed frozen raspberries mixed in made it all just that much better.
I've spent the week doing an absurd amount of laundry, cleaning, decluttering and stressing about the upcoming move. In the process I've learned that I really need to take some breaks to do stuff I enjoy, otherwise not only am I exhausted, but I'm also in a horrible mood by the end of the day. So I'm making a commitment to updating the blog every day next week with something fun or creative that I'm doing so as to guarantee that I will take a break from the aforementioned tasks (if you can call stressing a task...) and do something that brings a little joy to my day.
Time for some fun!

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