Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Moving Blues

I know, I didn't follow through on that promise at all. Crafty things? Nope. An insane amount of cleaning, sorting, tossing, moving prep stuff. Yeah. Too much. Way too much. So much, that I finally cracked and realized that all this crazy work was really just me trying not to think about what's really bothering me.
I've been trying not to think about how hard it will be living far away from family, how much I'm going to miss all the neighbors (who are just about like family now), and how anxious I am about going to a part of the country I am totally unfamiliar with and where I know absolutely no one.
So I've thought about it all and have come to the obvious conclusion that 1. there is nothing I can do about what is going to happen and 2. while I'm worrying about tomorrow I'm not enjoying today. So that's what we're doing here (and why I've been a bit absent of late), trying to just enjoy today. Using these last couple of weeks to create more good memories like...
...spending a whole afternoon in the backyard painting. Bouncing on the neighbor's trampoline until everyone is hot, pink, and exhausted. Enjoying one too many cups of coffee (or juice boxes depending on your age) and lots of good conversation with family and friends.
...wildflower bouquets for the girls' room and building sandcastles at the beach. Having a picnic for every lunch. Allowing the kids to play outdoors past their bedtime.
Letting this chapter of our lives end on a happy note and...hopefully realizing that the next chapter, though perhaps difficult at first, will probably be just as joyful.

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