Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Garden Paths

It feels like you've stepped right into the middle of a fairytale or a book like "The Secret Garden." Paths meandering though untamed azaleas, rusted gates entrapped in heavy vines, stone staircases leading to hidden terraces, and the most beautiful peonies and irises of every color.
The kind of place you'd expect something magical to happen in.
I think the kids love the gardens just about as much as I do.
*The gardens are located at the Buttrick Mansion, now called the Old North Bridge Visitor Center. They are a part of Minuteman Park and are open to the public free of charge. They are located just a short distance from the Old North Bridge where the "shot heard round the world" was fired. If you are ever in the Lexington/Concord area, I would highly recommend visiting this portion of the park.*


nancy said...

oh how lovely! my husband grew up in Concord--next time we visit his family we'll have to make a visit. we've been to the old north bridge for the patriot's day parade when they re-enact "the shot" and seen the hole in the side of the yellow(?) house, but not to that part of the gardens!

Jane said...

Oh my, those photos of your daughter are absolutely stunning. They are just perfect for the words of your post.

Sabine said...

She looks like Alice in Wonderland looking for the white rabbit... this is lovely!

Jane said...

Ohhh - my daughter and I love this state. Our first trip was when we drove up the coast to Maine - we spent the night in Salem and dropped down to Boston to see Phantom of the Opera (had seen it in NY but wanted to see the remodled Wade). Our second time was when the company I worked for was purchased by a company in Peabody and I had to be up there quite a bit so she flew up to spend some time with me. She has been back recently to visit a friend. Know you will love it too (maybe not the winters though).

Pookie and Fig said...

Thanks so much everyone! The gardens were such a fun place to take pictures!
Being a New England girl, I loved Massachusetts. We are now stationed in the southern part of the country. I'm going to miss the snow, but not the cold!