Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been away from this space for a bit, just savoring those last few moments of summer--those final days of carefree nothingness and relaxation.
But now, despite the still warm weather, summer has passed and autumn is undeniably here.  The pool has closed, the schools have opened, the migratory birds and butterflies have been hastily flying by, and the leaves have just begun to change color and fall.
And just as the outside world has been gradually changing, so has the inside of our home.  After a busy August spent decision making, online shopping, and assembling furniture, we now have our very own schoolroom and two very excited little pupils--Pookie and Fig!
We are now three weeks into our homeschooling adventure and we're happily settling into this new routine. 
And now that all of the changes are behind us, I think I'm ready to return to blogging.  More soon!

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