Thursday, June 06, 2013


Three years ago, I planted some little hydrangea plants in the front flower bed.  It was no easy task. The construction crews had dumped their waste in the flower beds, so mixed in with the heavy clay soil were large chunks of concrete, metal bars, broken glass, and empty soda bottles.  It took hours of back breaking work just to get a few little plants in the ground.
But oh, was it worth it. They have grown beautifully and have put on a magnificent show every June. I've enjoyed stepping outdoors to see them, but I have been waiting and waiting for the moment when they would be tall enough for me to enjoy the sight of them from indoors.
This is the year.  The blooms rest on the window sill and bat against the screens.  I've started having my morning coffee in the front room, just so I can see them.  Yes, they were well worth all the effort.  I wish I could take them with me...
I hope whoever moves in next likes to garden.  I hope they'll tend to all the perennials I've planted out front, the roses on the side and the irises our back.  But if nothing else, when the hot, dry days of August come and everything starts to wilt, I hope, so very much so, that they will water the hydrangeas.

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