Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Our move is just over a month away.  I don't have to do any of the packing (the movers will do that), but I do have the cleaning and decluttering to take care of.  The move itself is exciting, but the process is at times boring, stressful, and emotional.  The mundane tasks of wall washing, carpet cleaning, and closet clearing are decidedly boring.  Determining timelines, travel arrangements, housing--all very stressful.  Realizing that it is the last time you will do this, go there, see that person...  Well, there have been plenty of tears and more to come I'm sure.
I've been trying to get out once a day for a walk just to help unwind and relax.  Most often these walks are with the family, but sometimes I get out alone (or mostly alone rather, I generally take the dog with me) and can wander a bit further for a bit longer.  
On one such walk, I stumbled across these mushrooms.
They seemed almost unreal they were so intensely orange--certainly unusual enough to warrant pausing for a picture.
I'm thinking of doing a picture a day for the next month or so--a little project to help distract me from the ever growing "to do" list and a chance to document our last days here.


Jane said...

Love the mushrooms. Still enjoy when you write. Hope the move goes well.

Pookie and Fig said...