Monday, February 05, 2007

I really think that if I had tried to do something hundred times...and still couldn't do it, I would give up. Thank goodness babies don't give up as easily as I would!
Fig, after hundreds of failed attempts, has finally managed to move herself forward in a crawl-like fashion and you can't imagine how happy it makes her!
She smiles, laughs, and wriggles with excitement everytime she moves an inch. It makes me happy and excited too--there is nothing like watching your child succeed at something they've worked so hard for!
Everytime I see her move I'm reminded not to give up...even if it's my hundreth try! Keep it up Fig, pretty soon you'll be running!

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belle epoque said...

oh! how inspiring children are- what a wonderful thing to be a parent! and your sketches of Fig? sweet, lovely and also very inspiring.