Thursday, February 15, 2007

A little late but, Happy Valentine's Day! We had a very white Valentine's Day here--at long last we have had our first real snow storm of the winter! It was a very fun day with lots of snow, lots of wind, and lots of chocolate to munch on while gazing out on the storm.

And there was more than just chocolate exchanged! I really love indoor plants, especially during the winter, so I was thrilled that my super sweet husband bought me a mini rose bush for Valentine's Day. I had a rose bush, once upon a time, that I managed to keep alive for a year...this time I'm hoping I can do better than that. I'm doing my research (because they seem to be such awfully fickle plants), so we'll see!

The girls also got some roses for Valentines--felt roses, made into crowns.
Pookies crown was all in shades of pink

And Fig's was all white

(I think it looks more like Gardenias than roses, but that's okay.)
To make the flowers I modified the flower brooch pattern in Adorn Magazine just a bit. The girls look so cute in them--I'm just thrilled with how they came out! I'm now thinking of making a garland to hang in the girls room. Flowers with...maybe that bird mobile I've been meaning to do... Now wouldn't that be a springy room!

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Dorie said...

great crowns!