Friday, May 18, 2007

It's miserably cold and it's raining too! We've been cooped up indoors for the last several days...but...well all this time inside and I can't say I've been doing much of anything. No sewing, no sculpting, no drawing, no...anything really. The only thing I have done is try to come up with new ways to entertain two very energetic and awfully sick and tired of being indoors girls. Couch leaping, pillow throwing, while jumping on Mommy has managed to get out some energy and pass some time...but...we are seriously in need of some sun here!
The only thing I have managed to do is get a "robin's egg blue" picture for the flickr group "A Year of Color". (It's a much harder task than you might imagine it to be--that color is nearly impossible to find!) My picture of... daughter's teething ring. A mundane subject I suppose, but still..I find myself liking this picture. When I find things like this lying around...well they're just little everday reminders that there are two beautiful little girls living here with us...
...I like that.

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