Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No crafting this weekend--just a little bit of shopping!
I love old book stores, I really do, so it makes me very, very sad to see one going out of business. But the going out of business sales--love those! I had a limited amount of time to shop, but luckily I managed to find and buy these lovelies.

I am happiest about that little red book you see there--that would be Anne Bronte's "Tenant of Wildfell Hall." She is the one Bronte sister who's work I have been unable to find (in the old bookstores that is) and so I really couldn't believe my luck in finding this!

Oh let's see, then there is also pictured (in no particular order) "Lydia Bailey" (haven't read this before, but enjoyed Roberts other books), "Mutiny on the Bounty" (I was very much into ocean adventure books when I was younger, so I really loved this!), Alexander Pope's works (I thought he was a genius when we read his poems in college so I knew I had to have this) and....Milton's works. I felt incredibly guilty for grabbing Pope and leaving his bookshelf neighbor "Paradise Lost" (which I do not yet have a copy of) behind on the shelf...so I bought Milton...my "I really should" rather than my "I really want to" purchase... Anyway, they all made me a very, very, happy girl and I really cannot wait to read my new Anne Bronte!

And besides all this I haven't been up to much. As it was a sunny day I tried taking some new pictures of the birds, but Fig kept interrupting the photo shoot. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures tomorrow and then it will be off to the shop for my little parasol birds. It's always rather sad to say good-bye to the birds, but it's always nice to learn that they have found themselves good new homes. I was so very happy to see that one of my birds has a lovely new home here! (Thank you so much Vicki, I'm really glad you like him!)

Yes so pictures tomorrow and...lots of sleep needed here tonight (when exactly does all the teething end??) I leave you with one of today's photos...

Fig, trying to steal my camera. Maybe tomorrow you'll let Mommy take pictures...right Fig?

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belle epoque said...

hurrah for books! the older ones smell better, I think... and for your wee parasol birds going into the shop too-- i know they'll all get loving homes, and since i have a birthday coming up, maybe I can get a little bird here in my house going on making sure one of those homes is mine!