Friday, August 03, 2007

It was hot again today. Hot as in almost a hundred. Hot as in sweat beads then pours off of you as you sit still. That kind of hot. Our third day running of hot...and humid. No beach for us today, we wanted an artificial cool environment, we wanted air conditioning.
And so we sat, all hot and irritable, thinking about where we could go that would be worth a visit and would have airconditioning. It's hard to think in the we thought for awhile. And then it occurred to me that the library had free passes to the art museum--a worthwhile place to visit, inexpensive (two dollars for parking was all it cost us), and air-conditioned. The perfect place!
So we spent our day at the art museum. We saw some Auguste Renoir, Mary Cassatt (the girls liked the babies in her paintings), Winslow Homer, and my personal favorite for the day Edmund Tarbell. You can see some of his paintings here (we saw the first and third ones on the page--Summer Breeze, in person, is beautiful!)
The girls enjoyed themselves for a time and then got a bit antsy, so thankfully there was a children's room where the girls could interact with museum artwork...
...replicating the painting above them(our girls would never have sat still long enough for painting!)
...piecing together artwork puzzles
...exploring the interiors of historical houses
...and running laps around furniture (Fig had a lot, a lot of energy.)
It really was a perfectly lovely day!
And now we're back home wondering where those thunderstorms (and the cooler weather supposedly behind them) are. Hmm....

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