Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Managed to squeeze in just a little bit of smocking time this morning. Wish I had realized before cutting the pattern and doing the iron transfer that little blue smocking dots would not show up well on a fabric with blue flowers. Lesson learned. I attempted to re-mark as many dots as possible, but soon gave up and just hoped I could wing it.
And the smocking part, I absolutely love! I'm loving the rhythm of the floss over needle, floss under needle and the sudden appearance of lots of very tiny little pleats. It's so relaxing and so sweet looking.
Of course, it's most certainly not perfect. I spent some time ripping out stitches I didn't think were "quite right" but then decided that it was okay--it is my first, if I can just finish it I should be happy.
Hopefully it will be done in time for Easter (why shouldn't it be...right??) and hopefully it will fit Little Peach. If not...well I guess I'll just have to have another baby girl, because somebody is going to wear this dress!

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