Monday, February 23, 2009

Carrying over our colds from last week into this week. Lots of coughing, sneezing, and using mommy's clothes as a handkerchief. Too much fighting and crying and too little sleep and quiet. There can't be too many days left to this cold...can there??
Noticing the spring flowers beginning to make an appearance outdoors and enjoying these spring flowers indoors.
I don't have the cold, so I can enjoy the scent of these--flowery with a hint of damp soil, love it!
Adding to our "wish spring was here" collection are these caterpillars, flowers, and butterflies decorating the playroom.

They remind me of the delightful Minuscule bugs (which we first learned about from her blog.) The girls and I have been watching way too many of the videos over at YouTube. This one... very appropriate for how things currently are here. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

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Sonia said...

Oh, I'm so sorry the colds don't leave your little ones alone. I hope they'll feel better soon !
Your idea of "wish spring was here" collection is so sweet & made me smile ! What a lovely idea to make them realize we can't control how fast the time goes & or how slow/fast the next season comes. Hopefully soon.
Thank you for linking back to my blog, these videos are too cute not to share, specially for people who can't get the DVDs.
Good luck with the colds & the mad days it make.
Kind regards