Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Generally one does "spring cleaning" but there is something about being stuck indoors for days at a time that brings on a need to do some winter cleaning as well. I've spent the last few days vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, and washing--getting the house as clean as is possible (with two toddlers some mess is expected.) I've also spent the last few days sorting, tossing, storing and donating. We're moving this summer, the news of which has suddenly made me much more aware of how much...stuff we have around the house. Stuff I didn't remember we had (and obviously wasn't missing), stuff we didn't need (but I felt guilty parting with), stuff I've never used (but might, someday, maybe...probably not), lots and lots and lots of stuff. So, I'm letting go, I'm getting rid of it all and, most importantly, I'm being extra vigilant about what we do purchase from here on out!
The girls spent most of the week coloring, molding, cutting, pasting, and painting. And with the arrival of slightly sunnier days, the girls have discovered that the "turtle bugs" (some kind of small, black, beetle) have returned to the sun room. That also keeps them occupied--hunting down the bugs, capturing them, and finding their magnifying glasses to examine them. Pookie drew the bugs and informed me that we need a bug book so we can learn more about them. Guess that's one purchase I will have to make...
And now it's a new week. I've...taken a break from the cleaning for now. I think I've run out of energy and need about a week to recoup before I tackle the upstairs. That and I've really been wanting to try out the smocking on Little Peach's dress. I've never tried smocking before and I'm really, really, anxious to get started. The dress is all sewn up and ready for me to start so hopefully, should all people under the age of four go to sleep early tonight, I can get started this evening and have something to show you all tomorrow!
Yes, a rest week....exactly what I need!

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Sonia said...

Hi ! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for taking time to leave two comments ! :) Honored to have you there. I see we have at least two things in common these days : we're also moving this summer, I've also started "spring-cleaning" a month ago, and feel a bit tired but have to keep on cleaning ... eheh
Good luck with decluttering & cleaning, and with your children . :)
Kind regards,