Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lots of Love

I love antiquing. And I really love it when I'm antiquing and I find something I love that is at a price I love. Which is why the girls now have a second lamp for their room......because, at only five dollars, you know they needed another lamp for their room. And really it was a great purchase--you wouldn't believe how excited the girls were about it. They actually screamed "Yeah Mommy! You bought us a lamp! We love it!" *happy sigh* Girls after my own heart. Love that.And at just $4.50 this large bowl (which I really need in order to put...something in) just had to come home with me. Love it.
Other good finds not pictured here--some bookends for my husband (which we have spent well over a year looking for) and, at long last, some art to put on our walls (which up until now have only featured mirrors.) Both were well worth the wait--they're exactly what we were looking for. Love them.
And loving this week which is currently perfectly spring like--a little sunny, a little rainy and a little bit greener every day. Perfect!

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