Thursday, April 08, 2010

Summer Skirts

Pookie is both incredibly tall and incredibly thin, so it's hard to find clothing for her that fits.  Occassionally, we find something that works, but more often that not we just end up with clothes that either fall off her or are way too short for her to wear.
My frustration with her wardrobe reached an all time high yesterday, so I finally just raided the fabric stash and made her a skirt.  I loosely followed the Lazy Days pattern over at Oliver + S and just one hour later, I had two skirts ready to wear.
Two identical skirts because Fig would not let me leave the sewing machine until I'd made her one too.
I ran out today and bought some more elastic so that I can whip up a few more of these.  Once we are settled I plan on getting out the patterns and making Pookie some dresses and stuff, but for now I'm sticking with these skirts.  I can whip one up in between packing boxes, which currently makes the Lazy Days skirt the perfect project for me!


Nancy said...

They are SO beautiful and grown up! The skirts are fab too.

Pookie and Fig said...

Thanks! I can't believe how grown up they're getting! Pookie is almost five. Five! where does the time go!