Monday, May 10, 2010

Day One

Okay, it's day one of the kids clothes week challenge and I've already gotten in umm, well more than one hour of work, technically speaking.  Granted, most of that time was spent rummaging through boxes in the garage and complaining loudly to the dog about how impossible it was to find anything, but that's hard work, right?
I did finally manage to pull together a pattern, some fabric, and a bit of bias tape.  The fabric is all ironed and the pattern is traced and ready to be cut out, but I can't begin sewing anything until I go out and buy a needle.  Sewing machine needles were just one of the many things I could not find amongst all those boxes...  *sigh*
So I'm going to be making two dresses from the vintage pattern pictured there (the white and red polka dot dress view) and I'm hoping that a vintage size 4 fits both Pookie and Fig.  I'll be making Pookie's dress out of the blue print and Fig's out of the pink.  A quick trip to the store for needles, a bit more bias tape, and some buttons and I should be good to go.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get a lot more done tomorrow!

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Sabine said...

Lovely pattern, beautiful fabrics, such a pity my daughter is too old for wearing dresses like that...