Monday, May 17, 2010


Pookie's dressed is finished!  I am absolutely loving this dress, as is Pookie.  She says it's the perfect spinning/dancing dress and I definitely agree!

I really, really, love this pattern.  It fits her perfectly and just has such a lovely shape to it.  Fig and I can't wait to get her version started!  In fact, Fig can't wait to get started on a bunch of dresses.  She's been busily browsing the vintage patterns with me on etsy and has been making me "favorite" all the ones she likes.  You'd have to hear her talk, "That one, with the short sleeves, not the long, and I want it in yellow not blue, and I think we should make the skirt a little longer.  I like the flowers, but maybe they could be white.  Can we get a hat like that for it?"  Fig, a little fashion designer in the making perhaps?
So now I'm off to work on dress two and then, if I'm still feeling energetic and enthusiastic, there might be a little bit of pattern shopping next!


Christina said...

I LOVE the dress, too cute! Which pattern was it. I saw the number 4988, but was unable to determine the brand. I might have to look for it for my little one. Did you lengthen it?

Pookie and Fig said...

It's a vintage simplicity pattern. I noticed that there is another one (in a size 5) for sale on etsy right now. If you do a "vintage" search for "girl pattern size 5" it should show up. The pattern had a 4" hem allowance, but since Pookie is really tall, I only did a 1/4" hem. So now I finally have something that fits her perfectly!