Thursday, February 28, 2008

First there were just lines. Then a little while later circles developed. Then the lines and circles were put together and there were lots and lots of pictures of jellyfish around the house. And then there were faces.
My husband's

Mine (I'm the one on the right with the crazy hair...)
Pookie's and her sister's.

And now there are faces everywhere...even where there shouldn't be any faces--walls, floors, furniture. Of course I act very upset about this and explain over and over again the drawings are only to be done on paper, but secretly...well I like them. It's always such a suprise when I find one and they bring such a smile to my face...I can't bring myself to wash them away.
I may have to do something about this before the house is covered in murals though!

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Nancy said...

those faces are so fantastic-- i can see how it would be too much fun to find them all over the house. hard to punish such whimsy and creativity (though I can see why you brought the easels outside once the weather got better!)