Monday, February 18, 2008

A four day weekend in February was just what we needed. Leisurely mornings with breakfasts we wouldn't normally have time for (some french toast made from homemade Challah bread and crepes with berries and whipped cream!) followed by fun adventures.
A train ride to the aquarium...

where the jellyfish suceeded in winning the girls hearts. (I think Fig would have taken one home as a pet if she could have!)
A chilly trip to a frozen pond, to walk on the ice, chip at the ice, lick at the ice, and enjoy some sun.

And lots of playing with the grandparents and aunts, browsing through bookstores, puzzle solving, singing songs, moving watching, and all around silliness. A weekend that left us all thoroughy happy and thorghouly tired.
But now it's time for Tuesday and for life to return to normal. I'm not sure I'm ready yet...

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