Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two projects completed!

Mimi's dress is done. It wasn't quite done for Valentine's day, but Pookie was patient and only gently reminded me daily that Mimi's dress needed to be finished. Her persistence paid off and it was finished much sooner that it otherwise would have been.
Fig's crib quilt is done. I had planned on hand quilting it, but once Fig learned it was hers she lay on top of it and refused to get off. I settled for tufting it...around Fig. I'm thrilled she likes it so much!
I wish I'd finished more than two projects, or that I had more in the works, but it's taking a bit to settle in here. The girls and I are still working out a comfortable routine for us and I'm still figuring out how to squeeze in "me" time (i.e. crafting time) in between all the laundry, cooking, and other household chores that need to be done. Hopefully we'll have it all worked out sometime soon...
(By the way, if you're thinking that Mimi's feet look very dirty, well they are. It's chocolate, I just have to idea how it got there. Pookie's been complaining about Mimi's "dirty toes" so, if I can remember, the girls will get to bathe their dolls tonight!)


::Sylvia:: said...

I was just wondering if you sell these little gems! If you do please let me know! www.orthodoxmom.blogspot.com

Pookie and Fig said...

No, sorry. My mother made the dolls for the girls, I've just been making their wardrobes. I wish I knew how to make them though--I think Waldorf dolls are (amongst other things) so charming!