Friday, February 01, 2008

Meet Flossie, Fig's Waldorf doll.
My mother made her for Fig's first birthday. There was a bit of a time crunch, so Flossie was finished by Fig's birthday, but there weren't any clothes for her. For the last several months she has been clothed in merely a cloth diaper and nothing more. Come Valentine's Day that will all change.
While I'm planning on making the girls some cookies and other goodies for Valentine's Day, I thought some doll dresses might also be a nice little gift. So there is Flossie modeling dress #1 for you. The dress being a suprsie, Fig has obviously not seen it yet, but Pookie has and immediatley expressed her approval...she also immediatley ran off and brought me her favorite fabric for a dress for Mimi (Pookie's Waldorf doll).
So now it is more pattern drafting (Mimi being an altogether different size than Flossie) and lots more sewing tiny seams and struggling with tiny armholes, tiny buttons and what not. Three more dresses before Valentine's Day?? We'll see!


Nancy said...

too much fun! Flossie is lovely, and doll clothes, while undeniably fiddly, are a joy-- that dress is beautiful, and can't wait to see the others!

Sabine said...

Love the doll, love the dress!