Monday, March 31, 2008

After a far too short weekend, it was back to the regular weekly routine here. Monday's--cleaning up after the weekend day.
As I was picking up all the crayons and markers that had accumulated on the sun room floor I came across a ladybug. My cry of "Oh, a bug!" immediately sent two little girls hurrying in my direction, magnifying glasses in hand (the girls consider them necessary whenever a bug is found, regardless of whether or not they actually intend to look through them.)
It amazes me how much they love these bug discoveries. For almost a half hour the girls, on hands and knees, will follow the bug across the floor observing and conversing about the bug the whole time. There is lots of talk about where the bug might live, what it might eat, what it's doing, and where it's going. Then I step in and help with the counting of legs, wings, antennae. And when the bug finally disappears the bug excitement continues and pretty soon the floor is littered in drawings of bugs.
So much fun and so much learning to be found from such a tiny, little visitor...
...come again soon.

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