Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I haven't done much sewing since we've moved here. This is mostly because there hasn't been a convenient place to sew (the kitchen table really wasn't working out for me.) But at long last I have found the perfect little spot.
Just enough space, just enough light, just about perfect.
So now that I have someplace to work, I've started making an outfit for Pookie (Vogue 7894 view A.) I'm just using up some fabric I have hanging around (depleting the stash), so suceed or fail, I at least won't have wasted anything...except perhaps time I suppose. And hopefully, hopefully, should it come out okay, Pookie will agree to wear it. Currently Pookie will only wear dresses and sweatpants (which has made dressing her each morning a real challenge), but I'm hoping as the shirt kind of looks like a dress and as the pants are kind of sweatpant like...well hopefully she'll consent to wear it. If not...maybe in a year Fig will agree to wear it.
At any rate, I'm having fun sewing again!


Nancy said...

oh my! that is a fabulous outfit, and from what I can see of the fabric, I love your version and can't wait to see it.

your little sewing spot is divine- by a window, perfect!

Meredith said...

So beautiful! this is exactly what I've been looking for, you don't by chance have the pattern in a bigger size and would be willing to sell to me?

Again so pretty, great job!

Pookie and Fig said...

No, I'm afraid I don't. I didn't realize this pattern went out of print--what a shame!