Thursday, March 27, 2008

As promised, here is Pookie's shirt:
It's almost finished--I still have to hem, handstitch in some of the lining, and put in a zipper. Oh and I still have to remove all of the visible basting stitches *sigh*, not my favorite part. Then it will be on to the pants which shouldn't take any time to sew up.
The whole pattern is advertised as easy and I would say that's accurate. There is a reason it did not say "fast and easy" though. The whole top is fully lined which looks beautiful, but takes forever. I'm really happy with it and will definetly consider making it again (maybe the dress next time) especially as Pookie loves it...a lot! Yes, she loves it so much that I did not have her model it for this picture as she never would have taken it back off for me (seriously, I found out the hard way!)
And once I get this finished up it will be on to something for Fig. Not exactly sure what that will be yet...we'll see!

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nancy said...

oh my gosh! that is so absolutely perfect. when the wee naps more (or can entertain herself) I will very certainly be getting my hands on that pattern!