Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After seeing this adorable skirt (made from the free pattern available at Oliver + S) I knew I had to raid my fabric stash and try one out. I found a plain red cotton and after some discussion with Pookie we settled on some ladybugs being drawn on it.
So, I went to town with my black fabric marker drawing countless ladybugs until about a quarter of the fabric was covered. Somehow or other I didn't put that fabric marker far enough out of the way though. During after dinner clean-up I discovered the girls had gotten a hold of the marker and decided to add their own designs to the fabric. Upset? Yeah...definetly, but I'm trying to keep in mind that they're just learning by imitating, frustrating as that can be at times... I made the best of the fabric disaster that I could (turning smiley faces into ladybugs and such), but, obviouly, the ladybug pattern is a little messy looking now. It'll be alright for just a play skirt though I guess...
I haven't finished drawing in all the ladybugs, but I did finish stitching up the skirt (minus the hem ribbon.) It is incredibly fast, very cute, and much to Pookie's satisfaction very poofy. She declared it the perfect dancing skirt and immediatley turned on some music to dance to.
Fig is persistently asking where her dancing skirt is. I think I need to get some more elastic and make a BUNCH more of these!

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