Friday, January 09, 2009

And now the last round of Christmas gifts...
My girls love their Aunt's drawings so I was thrilled that the girls received these shirts for Christmas.
There are three shirts, one for each girl, but Pookie was the only one awake when it came time for pictures. (And I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it, but Pookie is the queen of a million poses in under a minute...) They are pink, glittery, sequin-y and most importantly princess-y which means they're perfect.
For me there were these earrings...
...from the etsy shop tinyleaves. I'm absolutely in love with those flying is Little Peach at this moment, which is slightly problematic, but I'm getting good at quickly dodging her curious fingers.
Also for me, some bookplates from the etsy shop of Diana Sudyka . The perfect gift for a bibliophile, don't you think?
I'm having fun matching up book plates with books. Like this polar bear seems just perfect with "Giants in the Earth"--that book always makes me think of long cold winters.

And a Narwhal with "Kidnapped" might be a good combination.
I really need to do more etsy shopping next fact I might have to start with some etsy shopping for Valentine's, Saint Patrick's, Easter and...

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