Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is one of those "I love it!" and then forgot about it kind of Christmas gifts.
I saw this little girl, back in the fall, at an antique store. I loved her, but was intent on my search to find a nice serving platter and consequently left the store without her. Of course once the store was closed I remembered her and lamented the fact I hadn't bought her. Thankfully my parents were paying attention and much to my suprise there she was under the Christmas tree
I had originally thought of putting a little plant in her, but that face... just too cute to have hidden. So currently she's keeping me company in the kitchen, hopefully out of the reach of very curious toddler fingers.
Oh, and those yellow mixing bowls behind her were another Christmas gift. I love how cheery and bright the yellow looks in my otherwise incredibly drab kitchen. They are from Stonewall Kitchen --a store you could buy me anything from and I'd be very happy!

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