Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've come down with a case of the winter time blues. You know, when you look out the window and instead of thinking "Oh how beautiful, all that white lovely snow!" you think "What? Snow? Still? Isn't it time for spring yet?" Or when the piles of laundry, dishes, toys, dust, dirt, etc., etc. seem to grow bigger and bigger while the house seems to get smaller and smaller. And worst of all when you go to mark a day off the calendar and realize...that you already have and yes, it really is still January and warm weather and sunshine are months and months away. Yeah, that's where I'm at right now.
So, I'm pulling out all the little girl summer dress patterns I have and hoping that if I keep my hands busy and my eyes focused on something summery, maybe the next few weeks will be that much brighter and pass by that much quicker.
Other things that are succeeding in brightening my day...

..these potted herbs (even if the dill looks a rough right now.) The green herbs and bright colored fruit are a welcome spot of color with all that white surrounding us.

These smiling faces. They're everywhere. The girls have set up interesting little Playmobil scenes on just about every surface in the house. I'm not always sure what they're doing, but they sure look happy doing it.

And, lastly, the two little teeth suddenly making an appearance in Little Peach's smile. I love it!

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Nancy said...

you are such an inspiration! and congratulations on those teeth! little peach is such a darling. thank you, also, for the tip on biter biscuits-- after your post about peach's love of them, I got some for HMB. they totally calm and quiet her so we can all eat in peace.