Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March came in like a lion... The ground is once again deeply covered in snow and the temperatures are well below freezing. I'm boycotting the outdoors until something more spring like makes an appearance (which is supposed to happen tomorrow, so this will be a rather short boycott.)
So we're back to doing indoor stuff. Somehow, despite one still sick baby and two sick again toddlers, everything has been going perfectly this week. At this moment, I could almost accept the title of "supermom." I baked cookies and muffins with the kids, folded and put away all the laundry (which hasn't happened since the birth of Little Peach), and the house is almost "neat, clean, and tidy"...almost. Of course, I'm quite sure that in no time everything will go back to crazy, chaotic, and messy and the "supermom" title will be revoked...but still, I'm gonna give myself a good ol' pat on the back and savor the moment while it lasts.
And while I'm doing that, the kids will probably keep devising new ways for "Jonah" to be injured. Jonah, that little fellow down there.
He came with their latest Playmobil acquisition, an ambulance. Since his arrival, the poor fellow has been bitten by a Spinosaurus, attacked by an alligator zoo escapee, and knocked over by a penguin (just to name a few). Of course, after each accident, my job is to strap the poor little guy to the stretcher and load it in the ambulance. Then off the kids go, ambulance in hand, only to come back a short while later and remind me that they do not have anywhere to drive Jonah to. I'm wondering if this subtle hinting/logical reasoning is their latest attempt at getting me to purchase the hospital for them. They just might succeed with this tactic....we'll see.

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